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Washington D.C-Day 2

Posted by on December 11, 2014

Washington D.C Day 2

Aunt T and I went to the Georgetown salon and spa for a fancy haircut! It was a more expensive place, but I enjoyed the experience and getting to meet my hairstylist-A Turkish man named Belant. He taught me how to say “Hi” in Turkish! To say hi, you say “Merhaba”  ( Mair hah buh)  I am a lover of foreign languages, so it was exciting for me to learn a new word in another language.

My hair was styled and cut to about shoulder length, T also had her hair cut and styled! I think it looked great! However, she commented that her hair looked either like a wig or like some 70’s TV show character that I can not remember the name of.

After we were finished with our hair appointments, Aunt J took us to the office that she works at. She introduced us to some of her colleagues. There was Monica whose parents are from Portugal, Paul who originally lived in New York but has parents from India, and finally I met Steve! He was a very fascinating man. From my recollection, I recall him saying that he is a surgeon for people, but he was on an internship at the building where my Aunt J worked. He told us a story about how he even operated on a dolphin once!

We finished getting to see where Aunt J works, and then it was decided that we should grab a bite to eat. So we headed to the Longworth cafeteria! I was told that congress members eat there at times, but sadly I did not see any having lunch there.  For lunch my Aunts ate a salad,  and I had beef stroganoff and a lemon cupcake. The cafeteria had a “Country of the day” menu option, and Russia was the country of the day. Beef stroganoff was being served! There were so many options to choose from, but due to my interest in Russia I decided to try the stroganoff. Which in turn, turned out to be quite tasty.

At 2 PM that afternoon we went on a guided tour of the capital! Our tour guide was a young lady named Jillian that was perhaps in her early 20’s. She is a Canadian citizen but lives in Houston, Texas. She was on an internship at the capital for the summer as a tour guide.

Jillian was an excellent guide and she showed us so many amazing things! I got to see John Boehner’s office, all the wonderful architecture, beautiful paintings, sculptures, and statues, and I was even showed a small prayer room that they have there.

We got to go onto the speaker’s balcony! The view was fantastic, and I was able to see the Washington monument from there! It was covered in scaffolding at the time of my visit, but nonetheless it was still cool!

We took a few pictures with Jillian after we completed our tour, and afterwards we went to the Capital’s gift shop! While there, I purchased  a deck of cards for my friend Ashley, and some postcards for some of my pen-pals.

The cashiers at the shop were a Korean lady, and a Frenchman   that had lived in Germany for a very long time. We talked a bit, and after I found out that he knew German, I said “Guten tag”, so then he started saying something to me in German. I was very confused, but it was quite funny!

The Aunts and I left the gift shop and headed home to get some things done, and then we bought sushi at the store and took it and ate it at the Wolf Trap National Park. We went to see a performance called “Ballroom with a twist”.  It featured people from the  shows-So you think you can dance, Dancing with the stars, and American idol! The show was so lively and exciting! The dancing was breath taking, and quite frankly I also loved the music and costumes!

We drove home after the performance was finished, and got some much needed sleep.





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