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Washington, D.C. Day 1

Posted by on August 15, 2014

Last August, my aunts that I will refer to as Aunt J and Aunt T took me on a trip! We spent time in Arlington, Virginia where J lives and we  also visited  Washington, D.C. and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Aunt T flew from Denver, Colorado. While I flew out of Omaha, Nebraska.

It was my first trip by plane and I really enjoyed it! I flew on a direct flight through Frontier Airlines. And I would have to say that my first time flying was a positive experience. The flight attendants were kind, and I enjoyed the can of ginger ale and the peanut M&M’s that were provided as a snack.   The takeoff was exciting to me, it felt like a roller coaster! Once up in the air, it was fun to look at the clouds and the view below.

I landed in the Ronald Reagan National Airport sometime around 7 PM. Aunt J picked me up, and from there we set off towards her home to drop off my luggage. She gave me a tour  and I also met the man of her house, AKA her cat named Cody.

For dinner, Aunt J took me to a restaurant called the Crystal Thai Restaurant! ( It was a nice place, the décor was elegant and the service was great.  We ordered curry and pad Thai.

We went back to the airport and picked up Aunt T.  We greeted Aunt T with a warm welcome and we all took a few photos together.

We finished everything up at the airport and went to the Marine Corps War Memorial. By then it was dark outside and getting late, but there were lights around the memorial and we could view it clearly.

Another name for the Marine Corps Memorial is the Iwo Jima Memorial. The Iwo Jima memorial depicts one of the most historical battles of World War II. The memorial is dedicated to all the Marines who have given their lives in battle at Iwo Jima.

After viewing the memorial, we headed home and hit the hay, feeling excited about what the next day would bring.




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